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Stream Files to Zip File in Azure Blob Storage using C#

24 March, 2020
1 minute read

Here’s a neat way to write multiple files to a zip file in Azure Blob Storage using C#. Only a single file will be in memory at once, so you can create very large zip files without any memory issues.

This only works with ZipArchiveMode set to Create, so you won’t be able to add files to an existing zip file.

This example is using the WindowsAzure.Storage nuget.

var account = CloudStorageAccount.Parse("connectionstring");
var blobClient = account.CreateCloudBlobClient();
var container = blobClient.GetContainerReference("containername");

var blob = container.GetBlockBlobReference("");
using (var stream = await blob.OpenWriteAsync())
using (var zip = new ZipArchive(stream, ZipArchiveMode.Create))
    var files = new string[] { "file1.pdf", "file2.pdf", "file3.pdf", "file4.pdf" };
    foreach (var fileName in files)
        using (var fileStream = File.OpenRead(fileName))
            var entry = zip.CreateEntry(fileName, CompressionLevel.Optimal);
            using (var innerFile = entry.Open())
                await fileStream.CopyToAsync(innerFile);